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 by Cara B

I had a difficult unemployment appeal case and Jill helped me not only navigate the process but successfully win my appeal. She was readily available, quick to respond to any questions and always kind and reassuring. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs an advocate when dealing with any and all work place issues.

 by Melissa James

Jill was fantastic during my engagement with her! With her help I was able to get a favorable outcome! I felt seen and heard the whole time. I felt like I was talking to a friend with my best interest in mind. She gave thoughtful feedback in an easy-to-understand way. I would hire her again! I have already started making referrals.

 by Leo Hernandez

Had a consultation with Carolyn Hunt and she was excellent. She answered every one of my questions in detail and made sure to take her time so that all my concerns were addressed. She provided lots of helpful and inciteful feedback for me and I am eternally grateful.

 by Jeana Johnson

I recently hired Jill at Workplace Justice Law Group, to represent me for an unemployment appeal hearing. Jill was great. She made sure I was adequately prepared for my hearing, which we ended up winning. I wouldn’t have been able to win the appeal without her and highly recommend hiring her.

 by Sue Shenkman

I worked with Jill on an unemployment compensation issue and she was extremely helpful. Jill is very knowledgeable, and she was timely, and receptive to my questions and concerns. She provided me with clear instructions to resolve the issue.

 by Chef Joe Lewi
Carolyn was awesome!

Carolyn was awesome! She and I had a phone consultation and I had her with me for my unemployment hearing. She helped put my anxiety at ease! If you think you were wronged at work, reach out to her!! We won!!

 by Jon
Top notch Attorney

Attorney Hunt accepted my case on very short notice. She was recommended to me as being highly competent and knowledgeable with DUA issues. She was not only kind but represented my interests in a manner that far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her and if you hire her it will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

 by Saif AL
Outstanding attorney to work with.

I worked with attorney Jill on an unemployment claim. She was a fantastic person to work with and a very professional lawyer. I had called over 25 different law firms; Jill was the best person and everyone I spoke with. I can’t say enough good things about this amazing person. Highly recommend doing business and working with this understanding attorney.

 by Jesula
5 Stars

After receiving the excellent legal services of Attorney Jill Havens, and her supporting team member, Louise Robinson, I strongly believe that they are the epitome of efficiency and effectiveness. As of Attorney Havens, she was very nice and extremely attentive to my particular needs related to some Unemployment issues, and delivered great results by solving my problems beyond expectations. Therefore, I highly recommend Attorney Jill Havens. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for your attention.

 by Michael
Incredibly Thankful

I spent a year and a half completely stressed out over a bureacratic mistake and could not get anyone to listen to me. Thank God I found Attorney Jill Havens who resolved my case in no time. I am truly greatful for her assistance and finally being able to have peace of mind. Thank you!

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"Got me through one of the most challenging points in my life"
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I cannot recommend Jill highly enough. She doesn’t just win, she walks you through the process with kindness, compassion, and perspicacity, eliciting the right information at the right time. She makes me feel heard - conveying her empathy, while ensuring we make good use of time and she gets the information she needs. I know that when I work with Jill, she has me covered.”
"Highly Recommend - a true gem!"
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"Finding yourself in the overwhelming position of needing workplace representation can be daunting. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend contacting Atty. Hunt. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but her ability to anticipate and address any concerns that you may have helps to ease fears. Atty. Hunt is quick to reply to emails and very personable - so easy to talk to! Although she hears these cases all of the time, she has the innate ability to view the case through the eyes of her client, who often times have never been in this situation before."
"Just wish I’d called her sooner"
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"I was denied unemployment and now headed for an Appeal Hearing. I contacted Attorney Havens assistant ; She offered two levels of service. I initially met with Ms. Havens who adeptly dissected my case making clear to me the key points. Attorney Havens felt I could handle the hearing myself. I however opted to hire her to appear with me at the successful hearing appeal. Best money I’ve spent. Ms. Havens really knows her way around the hearing process. I only wish I had met with her before filing my slightly unusual unemployment claim. Attorney Havens has a nice way about her, a lot of integrity and is very skilled in this."
"Clear, expert and personable"
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"I contacted Atty Havens' office when I had to appeal my unemployment denial. I was really confused and upset at the time, and was so pleasantly surprised (and relieved) when Jill Havens and her assistant were in touch so quickly after my initial contact with her office. Jill was an amazing asset and advocate. She is that great blend of trustworthy expertise and high-level interpersonal skills. She is also very responsive, thorough and has excellent communication skills. With Jill's help and advice, I won my appeal and, in so doing, got back my weekly income and my belief that there are some amazing professionals out there who truly believe in--and live out--their mission."
"The best investment I could have made!"
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"I reached out to Carolyn Hunt with an issue regarding PUA and what seemed to be an error on their end. I had tried to solve things on my own but couldn't. get through the bureaucratic system. From the first call that I had with Carolyn, I could tell that she cared about my case and making sure that my case was heard and cleared. I am beyond appreciative to Carolyn and I believe that I would never had the outcome that I did without hiring her. It was worth the money to work with her, since she knows what she is doing and has effective resources to help her clients get the outcome they desire and deserve. I truly felt like I had someone on my side fighting for me and considering this was first time I had ever reached out to an attorney, it was huge to feel this way. I highly recommend hiring her if you have any workplace related issues. I'm forever grateful!"
"Five Stars!"
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"I consulted with and then hired Jill to represent me, and she made the experience as smooth and painless as possible. Jill is a great advocate to have on your side: she is deeply knowledgeable, competent, and reliable. She was easy to reach, made herself available as much as possible, and answered any questions that I had. In addition, Jill really listens and her calm, guiding demeanor was a welcome resource. I am very grateful to Jill for her expertise and walking me through the experience, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance."
"Very Competent Attorney"
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"Carolyn Hunt is a great pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and efficient due to her vast employment and labor experience. Carolyn guided me effortlessly to resolve my case, she kept me always informed during the whole process. Thank you very much, Carolyn!"
"Highly recommend"
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"Jill was recommended to me by a friend and thank goodness I took her advice. Jill was very knowledgeable and helped me to get a settlement from a very large organization that had terminated my employment. The whole situation was very stressful but Jill took over and explained everything in layman’s terms. She takes the time to explain every process and she’s been a Godsend. I can’t say enough good things about her. Trust me when I say you want her in your corner."
"Outstanding attorney to work with"
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"I worked with attorney Jill on an unemployment claim. She was a fantastic person to work with and a very professional lawyer. I had called over 25 different law firms; Jill was the best person and everyone I spoke with. I can’t say enough good things about this amazing person. Highly recommend doing business and working with this understanding attorney."
"Miracle worker with the DUA"
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"The Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) had made a mistake on my account and said I owed them a significant amount of money. I tried to resolve this myself by writing, calling and emailing the DUA to no avail. Finally after over 2 years of failed attempts I gave up trying to fix this myself. Fortunately, I was put in touch will Jill Havens. She and I spoke once and within a matter of days my case was cleared as her one letter to them cleared everything. I now have peace of mind without this false claim hanging over me! My only regret is waiting over 2 years to call Jill. I should have done so sooner."
"I'd recommend Jill to anybody!"
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"I went to Jill feeling absolutely hopeless about my claim, and terrified with the $22,000 debt the state of MA was claiming I owed them after my determination being overturned. She not only got my determination and overpayment overturned, but I ended up getting another $10,000 that they owed me in pending payments from the year my claim was tied up. I had debt racked up from trying to survive without my payments and had no way of paying that money back if they ended up wanting it. Jill really saved me from a terrible situation and kept me calm throughout with her stern and informed personality. I just knew she had it under control when I first met with her, and I was right. I would recommend Jill to anybody who feels they have been wronged or feels they are owed money by their jobs or the department of unemployment, even if it feels hopeless, because if anybody can find a solution- it's Jill."