Negotiating Employment Contracts,
Non-Competes, and Other Agreements

Most Massachusetts workers don’t have a formal written employment contract, beyond what is laid out in an offer letter or employee manual. But in some industries, time-limited employment contracts are the norm. If you know or suspect that your employer is violating or getting ready to violate any of the terms of your employment agreement, reach out right away and we will see if we can help you to enforce the terms of your contract, negotiate a successful exit, or otherwise resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Or, if you are getting ready to negotiate a new employment contract, we may be able to help.  

In Massachusetts, employers are allowed to require employees to sign Non-Compete Agreements – limiting an employee’s right to work elsewhere during or after employment, as well as Non-Solicitation Agreements.  However, there are laws limiting the type and content and terms of Non-Compete Agreements. If you are being asked to sign a Non-Compete Agreement or have already signed one and want to know what it means for your future (especially if you are leaving your job), then you should call us and we will help you figure out your options.