Should I Stay or Should I Go Now 
(Planning and Negotiating Employment
and Employment Exit Strategies)

Do you want or need to leave your job?  Do you think you may be fired or terminated from your job and want to figure out what to do before that happens? Do you want to maximize your chances of receiving unemployment benefits after leaving your job? Have you been offered the choice of resigning or being terminated? Have you been laid off or terminated and offered a severance package? Do you want to figure out a strategy of how to stay at your job and avoid getting fired until you can find a new job?  Do you have a bad manager or bad supervisor who is making your work life miserable? Have you been passed over for a promotion or job transfer that you think you were entitled to?  If any of these apply to you, then we can help you create a strategy and a plan for leaving your job- or for staying on your job, if that’s what you want.

Are you considering accepting a job offer but aren’t sure if the total compensation is better than what you currently earn? Are you worried about finding or accepting a job due to a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement from a former employer? Are you seeking or being offered a transfer to a new job, new location, or new department and have questions? We can help you sort through it all. 

From deciding whether to accept a job offer; negotiating an employment agreement or contract, including salary, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment; navigating a tricky work environment or situation; applying for leave; or planning an employment exit strategy; there are a lot of workplace situations that we can help you navigate with knowledge, confidence, compassion, and a practical, drama-free approach.