Unemployment Insurance

Filing a claim, filling out questionnaires, filing appeals, attending hearings

The unemployment insurance system provides critical financial assistance to unemployed workers, but getting through the layers of bureaucracy to get (and hold on to) those benefits can be difficult, confusing, and frustrating.

We are highly experienced at navigating the unemployment system in Massachusetts. Attorney Jill Havens used to work as a staff attorney at the Department of Unemployment Assistance  Board of Review. Attorney Carolyn Hunt is an unemployment benefits lawyer and has worked at DUA for eleven years, as an adjudicator of claims, as a review examiner in the Hearings Department, as a staff attorney at the Board of Review, and ultimately as an attorney in the DUA’s Legal Department, handling appeals in District Court.

Their combined twelve years of experience working within the system means that they understand the elements of a successful unemployment claim, how to navigate the appeals process, and how to put your best foot forward with the agency. We can help you separate relevant facts from unnecessary detail at every stage of the process, potentially saving you months of waiting and headache, and greatly increasing your chances of receiving unemployment benefits.

Call us if you:

  • Received notice from the DUA of an Overpayment
  • Have an issue with Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)
  • Are considering leaving your job and want to know how best to maximize your chances of receiving unemployment benefits before you quit
  • Just lost or quit your job and aren’t sure if you should file an unemployment claim or how best to present your situation in your application for unemployment
  • Started to file a claim and got confused by the questions
  • Filed a claim and now have to complete some questionnaires that are confusing or you aren’t sure how to answer
  • Received a denial letter (notice of disqualification) and aren’t sure what to do
  • Received a Monetary Determination that is missing one or more of your employers from the past year and/or does not show all of your past wages
  • Appealed a denial letter and want to consult with an attorney before the hearing
  • Need help preparing for a hearing
  • Are considering hiring an attorney to represent you at the hearing
  • Received a bad decision after your hearing and want help figuring out the next steps
  • Need help writing or filing an appeal with the Board of Review
  • Received a denial from the Board of Review and are considering appealing to court
  • Need help writing or filing a District Court complaint