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Unemployment lawyers serving Lowell MA

Dealing with the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA)  can be frustrating for people who live or worked in Lowell and surrounding areas. People often get stuck because they missed a deadline, or answered one question wrong on a DUA form or questionnaire, and they don’t know what to do next. Calling DUA’s customer service line can involve very long hold times or hang-ups, and if you do get through to a staff person, the information provided can be unhelpful or even inaccurate. There are multiple levels of appeal for most types of unemployment denials, and it can be difficult to prepare for and attend an unemployment hearing if you do not know what to expect. Sometimes people face large “overpayments” of unemployment benefits and don’t understand their options.

We help people dealing with the DUA every day, whether you live or work in Lowell, the Merrimack Valley, or anywhere else in the Commonwealth. 

Both of our attorneys worked for the DUA before establishing this law firm, and we have many years of experience helping people get over the obstacles preventing them from getting – and keeping – their unemployment benefits. We can help people who live in or around Lowell, and people who work in or around Lowell, figure out their next steps during a strategy session/consultation by phone or video. It is better to consult with us early in the process rather than later, because we can help you avoid frustrating delays and common mistakes. 

Whether you need to file an unemployment claim for the first time, appeal a Disqualification, prepare for an unemployment appeals hearing, or just need some questions answered, contact us.You can learn more about our experience with the MA unemployment system here: https://www.workplacejusticelaw.com/practice-areas/unemployment/

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