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Unemployment lawyers serving Worcester MA

Do you need help applying for unemployment benefits? Has your Mass. unemployment application been rejected? Did you receive a Notice of Disqualification from the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance?  Do you need to file an appeal? Do you have an upcoming unemployment hearing?  If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ – then you have come to the right place.

Navigating the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA)  can be difficult, for people who live or work in Worcester, or elsewhere in Massachusetts. The system isn’t always easy to understand.  Perhaps you do not know what to do after receiving a Notice of Disqualification. Or perhaps you are very worried about attending an unemployment hearing without assistance from an attorney.

At Workplace Justice Law Group, we help people every day who are struggling with unemployment issues and the DUA, whether you live or work in Worcester, or somewhere else in Massachusetts. Our two attorneys both used to work for the Department of Unemployment Assistance before combining forces and establishing this law firm. Together we have 25 years of experience grappling with Massachusetts unemployment issues.  We assist people in handling the problems that are keeping them from collecting the unemployment benefits they deserve. We assist clients from Worcester, and clients who worked in Worcester (as well as other places in Massachusetts) via a strategy session/consultation. We have found that it is better to consult with us early in the process rather than later, because we can help you avoid often made mistakes, and get you your unemployment benefits more quickly. 

To read more about our experience with the MA unemployment insurance system click  here: https://www.workplacejusticelaw.com/practice-areas/unemployment/ 

If you need to file unemployment claim, need help preparing for an appeal hearing, need to appeal your disqualification to the Board of Review, or even the next step of appealing to District Court, then please contact us.

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